Holly Covets - Paul Andre Eschbach, "Concarneau Harbor"

By: Holly Echols • Aug 06, 2010 • 0 Comments

I dream of sailing as I study this very colorful and charming oil painting by French artist Paul Jean Andre Eschbach, 1881-1961.  What a pleasure to showcase one of his amazing works on Latique! This brilliantly faceted painting depicts the widely known French destination portrayed in numerous works of art throughout history, Concarneau Harbor.  It is here where some of the greatest experiments in impressionistic sunlight were born. This artist seems to take a more Post-Impressionist approach, adding energetic lines of movement surrounding symphonic displays of color.   His pieces can be found at auction and can be quite an investment for the avid collector.   Aside from its market value, this magnificent French oil painting just makes me happy! Find more in this exquisite collection by contacting The Madison Gallery online, and Happy Latiquing!