Holly Covets - 19th Century Farm Table

By: by Holly Echols • Jul 19, 2010 • 0 Comments

While perusing new inventory on Latique this week, I found a great new piece that exhibits simplicity at its finest!  This 19th Century scrubbed top farm table, at first glance, wouldn't necessarily jump out at you as a collector's dream, but it's the unique qualities produced by time and surface wear that give this simple kitchen table a life and value of its own. It simply can't be duplicated...  This one of a kind table can be found in Kocian DePasqua's  Antique Collection, as well as many other rare and unique items carefully selected and celebrated for their own unique qualities.  Whether adding a touch of rustic to a classically designed kitchen space, a kitchen island with personality, or maybe a cozy breakfast nook table tucked away in a relaxing corner...  this antique is not to be taken at face value!  The naturally aged wear on the surface of the table, along with every nook, scratch and stain variation was designed by time and created through history, which adds intrigue and makes it quite a conversation piece.  Check out more rare finds by visiting Latique , and stay tuned for more!