Founder's Letter

Rough Luxe: The New State of Tradition

By: Julie VanDolen • Feb 13, 2010 • 5 Comments

Luxury is big business, nearly $175 billion by all counts in Fall 2009. From fashion to furniture, the image-makers have had us dancing around in circles, with little time between trends to reflect on the concepts or quality we are asked to buy into. Things have changed, in part due to the new global economy, in part to our own need for substance. Buyers like you have turned the tables on the image-makers.

The venerable Wall Street Journal may have been the first to give your new attitude a name. They call it Rough Luxe.

Rough luxe is, at first glance, a study in contradictions. It is trading the culture of bling for an authentic experience. It is the mixing of the old with the new, the perfect with the imperfect. It’s Prada’s plush velvet dresses with thigh-high waders. It’s mixing a 19th Century French Directoire table with an 20th Century Abstract Painting.

In short, Rough Luxe is the granting of permission to be yourself.

Over the months to come, Latique Magazine will explore the many ways that you can indulge your desire to buy and do what you want – from travel to decorating, from dining out to defining your own style. We begin this issue with what we know, Dallas and Slocum Street Style.

  • Decorator Joe Minton, an American style force for more than 40 years, kicks off our series on “The Designers” with a brief but insightful take on how he serves up classic style.
  • Dallas as you’ve never seen it before leads our “Travel” section. The seat of Architectural Tourism and with a Design District that is flagrantly chic, Dallas has become a cosmopolitan city with a twang.
  • “The Affordable "IT" Item leads off a guide to choosing the furniture, paintings and decorative arts that will work with the look you love now and the look that you will love next year. It takes into consideration kid-proof furniture, spending wisely, applying your creativity to traditional styles.  
  • Because so many people blanche when it comes to talking to dealers, we include a glossary of terms you're likely to encounter when you shop for antiques. We're starting with a handful only and will update the glossary frequently. If you don't see the word you're looking for today, come back frequently. Better, ask us.
  • Our blogs are, so far, directed to dealers. As a dealer, you will hopefully find clarity from Jeff Garrett's musings. As a consumer reading them, you will come to understand some of the issues dealers face. The blog is one of the ways we can create transparency in order to build strong dealer-consumer relationships.

Like everything on Latique, we hope you will comment and give us feedback on how we're doing. Your comments, opinions, and reviews are vital to us. You talk. We listen. Latique Magazine, like Rough Luxe, is a reflection of your style.


Julie Garrett VanDolen

Latique Co-Founder