Neoclassical Nitestand

By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Sep 24, 2012 • 0 Comments

In 18th century Europe, Neoclassicism was a movement that touched and transformed all things visual.  It was a turning away of 17th century extravagance and a return to Greco-Roman art, focusing on restraint and grandeur of scale.  This movement became more than a style of furniture and art – it infiltrated the very ideology of France and rest of Europe.  People who were part of this sought to reform society through this artistic change – desiring a return to ancient virtue, morals, and ethics.  This morality pervaded the visual arts – with themes that taught lessons in morality.

Featured today is this continental neoclassical nitestand available from Latique’s own founder's shop, Legacy Antiques.  The neoclassical movement transformed everything from nitestands to teaspoons.  This is a beautiful piece to accompany you during your most tranquil evenings and promising mornings.  Its classically conventional elegance is just the thing that will convey a strong sense of order and functionality to your space in a beautiful way.                                              

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