Beta Tester Tips

Help Us Roll Out the Best.

By: The Beta Team • Feb 23, 2010 • 3 Comments

If this is your first view of Latique, welcome. Those of us who have been working on Latique think it's great. Naturally, we hope you do too. But we want Latique to be the best. Before you start playing around with the site, we thought you might appreciate the back-story on why we did what we did. If you think we're right, let us know. When you see places we can make better, please let us know that too. 

How We Choose Our Sellers

Latique is a top-level directory for known and reputable dealers of traditional antiques and classic home decor. If a seller's inventory isn't great, the dealer won't make the cut. Julie Garrett VanDolen goes to great lengths to vet Latique sellers for quality, integrity and reputation.

About the Images

We asked dealers to post their best pictures. When you click through to details on any item, you will see a black circle with a number in it. This tells you how many images there are of each product. Most images have not been photoshopped and are a true reflection of the product.

Social Selling for a Retail Rush

We have tried to give you a site that is as close to the social rush you get from shopping with your friends as possible. That's why we made a "social sales site." Your comments, feedback, ideas and inspirations provide the human component that other antique sites merely hint at.

Getting Answers to Your Comments

When you make a comment on Latique, your comment goes directly to the inbox of a particular seller's email. The dealer you are talking to then has an opportunity to read, post, reply or reject your comment. As soon as the seller sees your comment, he or she will moderate it.  

Getting Answers to "Inquire About this Item"

Click the "Inquire About this Item" and you will be able to send an email direct to the seller. When the seller answers, you will see the answer in your inbox. You can choose to continue your conversations this way, or you can contact the seller direct. When you make the decision to purchase, you will finalize your deal in private. 

Dealer Etiquette

The most important thing dealers can do now is monitor Latique daily. The home page reflects the site's activity. You'll watch as new antiques and decorative works of art are posted, know what dealer is causing the most buzz, which ones are moderating their comments on a timely basis and much more.

Dealers who are on top of Latique's social functionality will find themselves welcoming buyers and engaging with an ever-growing community of interested shoppers.

Red circles on the home page tell you how many comments an item has received. 

When You Comment, We Listen.

With the launch of our beta site, we invite you to send us your comments. Let us know what you like about Latique, tell us where we can make improvements and how we can better meet your needs. 

It's free to join Latique as a user. Just register with a user name and password. 

Thanks for your comments and thanks for helping us build a better way of doing business on the web.