More on Le Louvre French Antiques and Chateaux

"It's a fun thing, all around"

By: Carly Hill, Staff Writer • Mar 16, 2012 • 0 Comments

One of Latique’s beloved dealers, Annick McNally – owner of Le Louvre French Antiques, was kind enough to share her story and passion for antiques with us this week.   Although her store represents a broad array of unique pieces, she shared with us that her passion was with château style pieces, which is reflected in her inventory selection.

When she began the adventure of antiquing, she would go on buying trips to France by herself where she enjoyed every aspect of hunting for treasures, with the added perk of visiting her hometown and family that she missed.  Within the last 5 or 6 years, her son Patrick, who helps her run the store, has been joining her on these ventures.

Annick said, of antiquing, “There is nothing negative to say about the business.  Once you’re into it, you learn about the history of the furniture and where it comes from.  There’s nothing not to like about it, really.  If you add and mix pieces and arrange them in your home, it adds a good amount of character and personality.  It’s a fun thing, all around!”

If you missed Wednesday’s blog on the history of châteaux, scroll down to read it.  And, while you’re at it, check out this fascinating video on the history and the architecture of the infamous Chateau de Versailles in France. 

Thanks again to Le Louvre French Antiques.  Have a lovely weekend and happy Latiquing!