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  1. World of Design

    World of Design

    Location: Cypress, CA | View Antiques

    Welcome to the World of Design!

    Founded in 1989 by a civil engineer Mr. Sam Rabie. After discovering the beauty and timelessness of rock crystal and colored quartz, natural and beautiful minerals formed in the earth over millions of years. Sam’s passion for the crystal…

  2. The McNally Company Antiques, Inc.

    The McNally Company Antiques, Inc.

    Thu Jun 07: New to Latique. Posting some fabulous pieces! Have a look.Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA | View Antiques

    Connie McNally opened her first antique shop in Palm Springs, California in 1976. In 1978 she was joined by husband Bill McNally, and they formed The McNally Company Antiques, Inc. Together they traveled and exhibited at many antique shows throughout the country before opening…