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  1. Eclectic Architecturals

    Eclectic Architecturals

    Wed Dec 05: +Great New Additions! Click here to view.Location: Longview, TX | View Antiques

    Eclectic Architecturals offers a mix of fine antiques, reproduction pieces made from salvaged materials, sculpture, and art. Our specialty is antique doors and other architectural elements from around the world, primarily Europe.

    Doors and other architectural pieces can be modified to meet…

  2. The McNally Company Antiques, Inc.

    The McNally Company Antiques, Inc.

    Thu Jun 07: New to Latique. Posting some fabulous pieces! Have a look.Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA | View Antiques

    Connie McNally opened her first antique shop in Palm Springs, California in 1976. In 1978 she was joined by husband Bill McNally, and they formed The McNally Company Antiques, Inc. Together they traveled and exhibited at many antique shows throughout the country before opening…

  3. Le Louvre French Antiques

    Le Louvre French Antiques

    Wed Feb 27: February 27th--Just got back from France--2 containers of very fine antiques coming soon.Location: Dallas, TX | View Antiques

    Le Louvre French Antiques are Direct Importers of France of 18th and 19th Century French Furniture, Accessories , and Chateau Architecturals.

    Le Louvre French Antiques, has been a leading source for high quality antiques in Dallas for over 25 years. With a keen eye for…

  4. Legacy Antiques

    Legacy Antiques

    Thu Jan 24: Over 200 New Items In! Check out our main website: - Updated Weekly!Location: Dallas, TX | View Antiques


    Legacy was recently featured on Storage Wars Texas. Click HERE to view the video.

    Legacy Antiques offers…