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  1. Le Louvre French Antiques

    Le Louvre French Antiques

    Wed Feb 27: February 27th--Just got back from France--2 containers of very fine antiques coming soon.Location: Dallas, TX | View Antiques

    Le Louvre French Antiques are Direct Importers of France of 18th and 19th Century French Furniture, Accessories , and Chateau Architecturals.

    Le Louvre French Antiques, has been a leading source for high quality antiques in Dallas for over 25 years. With a keen eye for…

  2. Legacy Antiques

    Legacy Antiques

    Thu Jan 24: Over 200 New Items In! Check out our main website: - Updated Weekly!Location: Dallas, TX | View Antiques


    Legacy was recently featured on Storage Wars Texas. Click HERE to view the video.

    Legacy Antiques offers…