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 Carv ed Statue of Mary Magdalene- 1700's

This rare antique French wooden statue of May Magdalene holding a book and having a scull at her feet brings forth many explanations of symbolism.  Art research shows that there have been many examples showing Mary Magdalene portrayed with a skull and book, dating back hundreds of years. We see paintings from the 1600's, carved stone renditions, life size wooden statues, etc. The skull is a common symbol of mortality. According to some, she may be pondering the earthly reality of our mortality or the eternity of the spiritual life. We also read that it might be related to her role as a witness of the crucifixion, which take place on Golgotha, the "place of the skull".

This particular statue from the 1700's has a few traces of its original paint, and the relief on the carving has worn over the centuries. The back shows the indentation where a pillar might have held the statue in place.  She is in a kneeling position, looking upwards with tears coming from her right eye.  This, too, probably has much symbolism.  Her left forearm and hand is missing, which is quite common on antique religious statues. This rare antique French wooden statue of Mary Magdalene from the 1700’s will enhance any collection.

Condition:  Nick, rubs, age separations, old woodworm trace and losses of some ornamentation, all commensurate with age.

H=31, Max Width Approx 17, Depth Approx 12 1/2 inches

Price: $ 4,800.00

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