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Louis XVI Style Burlwood 18th Century Clock
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Louis XVI Style Burlwood 18th Century Clock

This is a rare Period Louis XVI, 18th Century Grandfather Clock in a Mahogany Veneered Case. This is such an unusual and extraordinary time piece. One sees so few tall case clocks from France, and this is an exceptionally beautiful piece, the case is sweet and refined with just the right amount of gilt bronze.  It has had several restorations to the case.  The bronze molding on the clock is original. 

Back of clock signed A. Heublin(worked for only 10 years, late 1700’s) The Clock face is now a paper replacement for the original, which was broken during shipping from France.  We still have a few of the pieces remaining. Decorative ormolu was added at a later period. This period Louis XVI clockmaker, A. Heublin signed his clock on the interior works. The original face front would have carried the name of the shopkeeper who sold the finished piece.  It is in excellent working condition and has a pendulum. There is no chime with this piece.

It is a rare piece due to Heublin’s period of production, only 10 years in the late 1700’s. Please contact us for more information or photos. Thank you, Le Louvre French Antiques

H=82, W=19 1/4, D=12


Price: $ 4,200.00

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