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Antique Barbotine Cachepot "Auteuil"

In 1872, Charles Haviland opened a decorating studio in in Paris.  It was called the Auteuil Studio and it was managed by Felix Brocquemond.  Many well known artists, such as Manet, Monet, and the Damousse brothers were decorators at this studio.  Known as the French School, these artists influenced the Haviland and Company floral designs.  (Do not confuse Charles Haviland with Charles Field Haviland—they are cousins!  Charles Field is also in the porcelain business at this time.)*

"Auteuil" pieces differ from other Haviland works in design, material and decoration.
Vases were made of a new type of earthenware. It was hand-painted with slip, a thin paste made of white clay and water with added color. Then the vase was dipped in glaze that made the colors brighter and the vase watertight. The finished surface looked like that of an impressionist oil painting.

This cachepot features gros relief flowers and leaves with other flowers painted on the brown through yellow ground colors.  Barbotine is highly collectable due to its rarity and fragility. Condition:  Very good condition. Age : Approximately 1870

H=6 1/2, L=14 1/2, D=11

Price: $ 3,800.00

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