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Antique French Barbotine Cachepot Longchamps
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Antique French Barbotine Cachepot Longchamps

Bartotine is the French term for Majolica or more precisely, a paste made from Kaolin clay that is formed into pottery.  One of the decorative motifs which was so sought after was the high (gros) relief flowers, large and small.  The process to finish one realistic flower, let alone several, was extremely involved and difficult to complete.  The Kaolin clay was manipulated into paper thin fineness, formed into flowers, colored, applied to a vessel, glazed and fired.  During the firing, months of work could be ruined if improper temperatures were attained.

Longchamp is located not far from Dijon in the Burgundy region of France.  In 1867, Robert Charbonnier redid an existing pottery firm and by the end of the 1800’s, became the foundation of pottery produced in the Bourgogne Region.  Longchamp specialized in planters (cachepots, jardinières) and vases with applied high (gros) relief flowers.

This petite cachepot made by Longchamps is depicting purple and fuschia irises, miscellaneous flowers, and foliage on a cream/yellow and aqua ground color.

ConditionPrevious restoration; minor separation of one leaf tip
Maximum Dimensions: H=6 1/4, L=12 1/2, D=9 1/2

Price: $ 2,400.00

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