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Signed Oil Painting from Barcelona, Spain*
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Code 311-114
Signed Oil Painting from Barcelona, Spain*

A Signed Oil on Canvas from Barcelona, Spain; Signature Indecipherable;  Age:  Unknown
This lovely framed oil on canvas from Barcelona, Spain depicts a sheepherder with his dogs herding his flock of sheep through a beautiful forest of Birch trees and other species towards a clearing in the distance. In the foreground is a small area of water and behind this is a profusion of red poppies. The foliage on the deciduous trees throughout is turning into a rust color, indicating Fall is coming.  The
The overall scene is very peaceful and soothing, which the artist has accomplished very well through his  use of color and painting technique.

Condition: Painting is in very good condition; *Frame has recently been varnished. Frame is also warped and chipped in several places. We recently removed the painting from the frame and reduced the price because of the damage to the frame. The painting is now $3,400, and we will include the frame if you want it. Thank you.

With Frame: H=36 5/8, W=52 ¾
Without Frame: H=23 ¾, W=39 5/8


Price: $ 3,400.00

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