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Tiger Maple Sheraton Pembroke Table, c.1810
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This fine tiger maple Pembroke table is entirely composed of quartered maple which has taken on a mellow golden tone. The top is one unjoined board with related sides, all no doubt, of the same tree. The legs also are striped and quite vigorously turned with strongly developed turnings. This piece exudes a rich patina.

This table was purchased at a small Rhode Island estate sale. At the sale, this piece was --needless to say--the object of desire, and the dealers bid it up, each hoping to own it. Well, we emerged successful, but paying, no doubt, top dollar. After the bidding, an older woman said to me "I’m so glad you bought it". And I thought to myself "I bet you are, considering what I had to pay." She told me its local history, which I thought was quite interesting, and I asked her to send me a letter so that we can accompany this with the piece. This table was always a very special piece and its glowing tiger maple justifies the opinion of many collectors of tiger maple being the American Satinwood.

Height: 29 1/2 in.  Width: 22 1/4 in. - 44 in.  Depth: 38 3/4 in.

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Price: $ 9,500

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