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Walnut Victorian Eastlake Recamier, c.1870
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This Recamier is stylized with a vast array of stylistic elements. It is extremely architectural in its view. I.e. the structural members supporting the reclining back, the pronounced hoof feet, and the gallery at the end and part back of the seat.

We have noted a pair of single chairs and several other singles have also been noted, however, we have never seen the recamier form. Obviously, this furniture style was produced by a large, high-skilled, cabinet shop or "factory" if you will, of which New York and other major cities. i.e Chicago had many.

A remarkably similar pair of armchairs was advertised in the 1990's by Theron Ware.

Height : 42 in. Length: 6 ft. 1 in. Depth: 25 in.

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Price: $ 16,500

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