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Exceptional Carved Mahogany Sideboard, with Rare Basket of Fruit Backboard, Salem, c.1820
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This is one of the most developed Salem sideboards with an amazing basket of fruit (see detailed images below), the likes of which are extremely rare. The case has brass-embellished panels above strong, well-carved columns, with quintessential Salem punchwork carving. This is typical of the work of Samuel Field McIntyre’s (son of Samuel McIntrye). This sideboard is composed of fabulously striped mahogany. The top board is solid, as is the backboard, and you can note that the backboard, to the right of the basket of fruit, has a beautiful mahogany swirl, which doesn’t appear there by accident. It is extremely well developed and in superb condition throughout.

There are no extra holes in the drawers, and the glass pulls are of the period. They are beautifully molded, and a joy to use. In many ways, this is a monumental sideboard, and the best of the period. It manifests commanding attention, and is a beautifully preserved treasure. There are no alterations, modifications, and/or repairs. We have French polished this piece to bring out the beauty of the wood.

We have several other fine Salem pieces in our collection.

Height : 50 1/2 in. Serving Height: 42 in. Width: 70 in. Depth: 20 1/2 in.

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Price: $ 30,000

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