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Six Mahogany Neoclassical Lyre Back Chairs, Phyfe Workshop, c.1825-30
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These chairs are related to documented chairs made in the Duncan Phyfe workshop for his daughter on the occurance of her marriage and is illustrated in the Nancy McClelland work, Duncan Phyfe and the English Regency 1795-1830, p.126. plate 109.

Also, a chair from a similar set was in the exhibition, 19th Century America at the Metropolitain Museum of Art.  These chairs of the Klismos form and have a finely shaped saber leg and serpentine seat rail. The crest rail is also shaped, molded, and continuous with the chair style, which continually becomes wider, from their copside, and more shaped as it descends through to the side rails.

Height : 31 1/2 in.  Width: 18 in.   Depth: 17 in.

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Price: $ 6,500

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