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Pair of Signed 19th Century Spanish Plates from Triana
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Pair of Signed 19th Century Spanish Plates from Triana

Ceramics have always been popular in Spain and earthenware pottery has existed for thousands of years.  First came Iberian pottery and later Greek and Roman then, with the conquest of the Arabs came the great luster of Malaga, which reached its height of beauty and sophistication in the 13th and 14th centuries AD. Luster and the Majolica method of decorating are basically the same.

Apparently the name given to this kind of pottery was derived from the island of Mallorca, an important point of trade between Spain and Italy. In the case of the Iberian peninsula, once the re-conquest was over, the workshops concentrated in Triana (Seville), Talavera de la Reina, and Puente de Arzobispo just to mention some of the most renowned names, while in Italy regions such as Tuscany and Veneto were the main producers of this ware. It should be pointed out that at the beginning of the 16th century Francisco Niculoso also known as "El Pisano", migrated to Triana (Seville), the most important center for trade with the New World. He was a master potter from southern Italy, who settled in Triana, where there already was experience and skill in the art of making pottery.  His arrival brought about technical, stylistic, and decorative changes of great impact, since he introduced the Renaissance palette and Italianate design elements for making pottery covered with tin and lead oxides, which would eventually be incorporated into New Spain's industry.

This pair of antique wall plates from Triana or Seville is from the late 1800’s and features the brightly colored Renaissance palette and Italianate design elements brought to Triana by Francisco Niculoso a few centuries before.  Each plate is marked by the artist in different areas on the front.  The earlier plate has M. Arellano, Ano 1892 discreetly in the ribbon on the front of the first plate; and, the plate made a year later has M. Arellano, 1893 in front of the figure. The backs of both plates are marked with the pottery company’s name and address in Triana.

These antique Spanish plates from Triana will bring a wonderful focal point to any area.Condition:  Chips and glaze imperfections on both plates.

Diameter=2 0 1/2, Height=1 7/8

Price: $ 6,950.00

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