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Mahogany Upholstered Armchair with Carved Dog Heads, c.1860
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A mahogany upholstered armchair with carved dog heads, c.1860. This Roccoco style armchair has carved turned legs which complement the central carving on the apron above it in addition to the central attraction of dog’s heads. The dog head carving is successfully integrated into an acanthus carving, which is blended with the mane of the dog (see detail). Figural furniture was very popular during the second half of the nineteenth century and this is one treatment of furniture which began to be known as "Whimsical" furniture, that which is less serious, and more emotive in nature. A related chair with animal arm terminals by a prominent cabinetmaker, Alexander Roux of New York, c.1860 is illustrated in New York Furniture at the New York State Museum, by John L. Schere.

Height: 33 1/4 in.  Width:  30 in.  Depth: 35 in. (approx.)

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Price: $ 3,600

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