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Pair of 19th Century Portraits in Circular Frames
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This stern couple peers out at us through unique porthole frames from the period. Painted on canvas, they have been re-stretched onto wood backing and retrofitted to these frames, looking none the worse for the wear--though perhaps it was the move that soured their countenances.

Circa 1880, they measure 21.75" in diameter and 1.75" deep.

Price: $ 4,350

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Mill House Antiques & Gardens

Mill House Antiques & Gardens

Originally an 18th Century grist mill, Mill House Antiques can be found nestled in a gentle bend of the Nonnewaug River along Route 6 in northern Woodbury, Connecticut. Established in 1964 as a destination for fine antiques, Mill House attracts an international clientele of discriminating collectors…

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