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Rare Carved Mahogany Neoclassical Sofa with Eaglets and Lyres, c.1830
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A rare carved mahogany neoclassical sofa with eaglets and lyres, c.1830, probably Boston. Carved eaglets on a neoclassical form are quite rare…we have never seen another…the carving is quite fine, and if this were not enough, the arms have fully developed carved lyres with solid mahogany arm rests and punched star embellishments at the ends of the back rest . Attention to details is noted throughout and is evident in the carved Lyres with floral carving throughout their development, which is finished with brass rosettes. The center of the crest rail has a restrained raised, figured panel. The sofa is supported on classical Sheraton style conical reeded legs.

It seems that the cabinetmaker wanted to create a tour de force employing popular neoclassical elements that, taken together, calls for attention. Upon examining an array of furniture, one would have to stop at this sofa and take note of the exceptional individualistic work created here. This would be a noteworthy addition to any classical furniture collection.

Height: 35 1/2 in.  Length: 84 in.  Depth:  24 in. 

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Price: $ 12,000

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