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Centennial Chippendale Blockfront Chest-on-Chest
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Constructed around the turn of the century, this chest on chest follows faithfully the great Boston block front furniture of the late 18th century.  It is all benchmade, i.e. fully dovetailed and hand-carved.  The wood is all of the solid and, with about 100 years of age it has taken on a warm, mellow glow.  This example is the finest of its type with carved claw and ball feet and not the more simple bracket type.  The brasses are original as are the finials.  The carved shell is as good as it gets, and the bonnet top is the most desirable of the form.  This piece obviously has been in one place for a very long time, never refinished.  When we first saw it, we expected it was one of the period, which would have cost probably five times more.  This is a chest-on-chest which will give great pleasure to its owner over the years to come and only increase ever further in value. 

 Height:&n bsp;91 in.  Width: 41 in.  Depth: 20 in.

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Price: $ 14,500

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