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Hepplewhite Mahogany Demi-lune Card Table, Double Swing Legs, Hidden Drawer, Salem, Samuel & Wm.Fisk
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This is a desirable small-size card table, only 33 in wide. Card tables are commonly several inches wider. Interestingly, in the world of antiques, smaller is often better. Note that the solid wood top displays superb figure and is quite beautiful. See the attached image with both leaves open; they're magnificent. This table is related to a pair of tables illustrated in American Furniture: The Hennage Collection, Elizabeth Stillinger. We attribute this table to William Fiske based on a related table mentioned by Stillinger, that she characterizes as "virtually identical" and also having the same double-swing leg hidden drawer feature.

While most card tables commonly have one leg that swings back to receive the top when opened, this table has both legs swing in back, making for a very stable table when fully open. The double swing-leg construction is not very common, and obviously was more costly. This table additionally has, like the ones in the Hennage Collection, its original "hidden drawer" behind one of the swing legs. When these card tables are found, generally this drawer is often long since lost. Ours is the original, and has a label with the name of probably its original owner, see attached. This table came out of the Knight family onsite estate auction 15 years ago, the name indicated on the drawer.

This is a superb table, in superb condition, with an old surface. It is truly a treasure for someone who wants something pure and special.

Height : 28 1/4 in.   Width: 33 in.  Depth: 16 1/4 in. - 32 3/4 in.
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Price: $ 12,500

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