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A Fine Mahogany Chippendale Secretary Bookcase, England, c.1780
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This secretary bookcase is extremely well executed with all of the important embellishments this form takes. For example, the broken arch pediment employs dental work within its molding, which is punctuated with small holes, a magnificent open fretwork, and if this is not enough, blind fretwork below . Of course, the classic urn completes the composition (see below). The glass mullion doors are of classic design and open to reveal a set of drawers with beautifully crafted valanced pigeonholes .

Interestingl y, the interior desk drawers are figured and composed of solid mahogany. Generally, these drawers are veneered over a substrate, i.e. pine, or even a plain mahogany. This is also true of the lower doors, which show an absolutely magnificent figure of mahogany. These doors are also composed of the solid. Also, the framing around these doors are fully mortised through, as are the doors in the upper case. There are no veneers in this piece whatsoever. It truly is a masterpiece of the absolute best materials and craftsmanship. For example, lest we forget, the backboards in the upper case are actually chamfered panels. Obviously, the best that could be created in the cabinetshop was achieved. Obviously, one wasn't watching the watch or the dollars! Also, note that the feet are a beautifully sculptured cabriole bracket foot.

Height : 91 in.   Width: 50 in.  Depth: 19 in.

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Price: $ 35,000

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