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A Diminutive Regency Mahogany Sideboard, England, c.1830
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This is a compact, five foot wide sideboard with a strong visual presentation. The small size of this sideboard is very desirable as they are usually very long and cumbersome; therefore the few small models bring the highest prices. There is a small grouping of this form, and, for two examples, see Plate 20 and Item 634 in British Antique Furniture, John Andrews. Quality and design are superb, with a sectioned cellaret  on one side and open shelves on another. The feet, and various surfaces are ebonized for detail and the mahogany is strongly figured. This is a very rich-looking serviceable piece that can comfortably fit into many tight places and provide storage without a heavy casepiece look.

Height : 43 in. Length: 60 in. Depth: 18 in.

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Price: $ 12,000

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