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A Fully Developed Mahogany Chippendale Commode Stool, c.1760
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This commode stool, which would otherwise appear to be a corner chair, is quite low to be a corner chair and meant, through its deep skirt, to hold a potty insert, which is now gone. It retains its original embossed leather seat with rosehead nails, etc. (see details below). It has beautifully shaped arms with what appear to be owl eye splats, all of which are supported on four carved claw and ball feet. Note that the skirt is also beautifully shaped.

This is a beautifully sculptured Chippendale chair, and obviously, "the master's commode". We can't pick origin with great certainty, but it is felt by some to be Portuguese colonial. It retains its original surface and is one of the finest of its type.

Height : 28 3/4 in. Seat Height: 15 in. Length: 32 1/2 in. Depth: 27 1/2 in.
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Price: $ 15,000

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