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A Chippendale Cherrywood Corner Cupboard with Arched Glazed Doors,Southern, c.1780-1800
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This is a stately Chippendale casepiece of good sized width. The distinctive characteristics of this piece are the beautifully arched glazed doors of antique glass. We have found several examples of these. One is illustrated in an old Antiques Magazine add of January 1955 in a room setting by the New York Dealer Lyon, inc.  and by another New York dealer, Bernard & S. Dean Levy,  and two more examples in the Metropolitain Museum of Art .As for location, as one can see from the above related examples, we are attributing to New Jersey and points South, i.e. Virginia. Generally, however, these are considered southern pieces.

Of distinction in our piece is the reeded cornice molding at the top  which follows through on the vertical door stop. Also, this is a traditional two-part casepiece (upper and lower). Much like a good Chippendale casepiece, the bracket feet are nicely elevated with a lovely shaped apron between them. The upper drawer configuration has one working drawer flanked by two faux drawer, as it is a corner piece, not permitting drawers there. The interior has its original yellow paint. This piece is in an extremely fine state of preservation with all its old wavy glass.

Height : 85 in. (7 ft., 1in.) Width: 50 in. Depth: 31 in.

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Price: $ 12,000

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