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A Highly Carved Classical Mahogany Sofa, Phyfe Workshop, c.1825
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Classical examples of Phyfe's sofas come to market from time to time in varying states of condition. This example is the only one we have found with complete carving from one end of the crest rail to another. The carving is all of acorns and is superbly done. Note the crest rail leans back, which usually is the Phyfe tipoff. In our example, the feet are identical to the documented Phyfe sofa with Lyre arms currently at the Metropolitan museum.

This sofa is quite long and is in fine condition. Photos of it in the frame prior to upholstering are available upon request. The sofa has been completely reupholstered to museum standards.

Aspects of this sofa closely relate to the sofa made by Duncan Phyfe for James Lefferts Brinckerhoff.

Height : 34 in. Width: 92 3/4 in. Depth: 26 1/2 in.

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Price: $ 26,000

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