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A Monumental Louis XIII Rococo Mahogany Musical 9-tube Tall Case Clock, c.1900
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Retailed by Bawo & Dotter, c.1900

This is a monumental 9-tube clock composed of the best solid figured mahogany with wonderful carving to match throughout. The heaviness of this piece is offset with the acanthus carved French feet of delicate proportions. While this clock is signed on its face by the retailer, Bawo & Dotter / New York, there is more to the story of this company. It appears they were a company somewhat like Tiffany that had a major building in New York named after them. They retailed a number of luxury goods, denoted by a varying grade nomenclature. This clock is stamped “Elite”, which was their highest-grade product.

Also of note is the provenance, see the image above: a letter found inside the case. It seems that this clock was originally purchased by the Sperry family, founders of S&H Green Stamps. It then passed on to the Treasurer of General Motors, Lyle Beardsly. So, this clock has always been in Elite&nb sp;company, no pun intended.

By clock standards, the movement is machined to the finest and heaviest grade admired by horologists.

The clock mechanism runs and chimes, but needs a complete overhaul. We offer this service for an additional $2,500 -- our direct cost.

Height: 97 1/2 in. Width: 27 in. Depth: 18 in.

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Price: $ 65,000

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