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Late 19th Century Barlow Moore Painting
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A handsome seascape oil on canvas from the late 19th Century, signed Barlow Moore.

He is known to have exhibited his portraits at both the Royal Academy and the British Institute. Moore's strong association with the Royal Yacht Squadron and his obvious popularity among its members as a favored portraitist of their yachts is evident with his memberships in the Royal Thames, Royal Victorian and Royal London Yacht Clubs. His body of work includes colorful portrayals of some of the finest British and visiting American yachts of the late 19th century signed with both the artist's name and noting his multiple club affiliations. As paintings by Barlow Moore continue to surface with slow regularity, it becomes evident that the artist most likely worked only on direct commissions from the yachtsmen themselves with the majority of his paintings descending through the private collections of their original owners.

This wonderful painting is offset in

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