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Period Louis XIII Homme Debout-Walnut Wood
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Pe riod Louis XIII Homme Debout-Walnut Wood

This is a very rare period Louis XIII homme debout from France. Homme Debout translates directly as "standing man". The story goes that this name came from men hiding in these armoires to avoid being seen by enemies. Originally, the pieces were used for mens storage of clothing, hats, and accessories. Now, they can still be used for such purposes, but more often they contain TV screens and other electronics.

The moldings are of geometric pattern (pointe de gateau) within fielded panels. It has a projecting cornice which is repeated at the base, supported by 4 square wooden feet. The front has two doors and raised panels to either side. The doors are seperated by a single drawer, while the hardware is bronze. During this period, there was a tendency toward an architectural design, restrained, and massive, lacking the fantasy of the previous period.

It is still in good condition considering its age, and it is constructed of walnut wood. Resotration to old minor damage could be done if preferred, but unnecessary.

H=76 1/8, W=54 1/2, D=30 1/2 (includes crown)

Body Width=45 3/4, Body Depth=27 1/4

Price: $ 6200

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