1. What is Latique.com?

    Latique.com is the first social sales site for the antiques community of dealers and the people who admire, shop for and buy antiques and fine vintage furnishings.

  2. What is a social sales site?

    We want your online shopping experience to be like a real world experience. So we loaded the site with opportunities for comments and discussion. This way, you can share ideas, get more information about items and, in the process, build a community that likes the same things you do.

  3. What’s the best way for me to get an overview on Latique.com’s dealers?

    The Dealer Profile section is where sellers have an opportunity to talk about themselves, their special areas of interest and their shops.

  4. When I make a comment or ask a question, how long will it be before I get an answer?

    Your comments go direct to the dealer’s email box. As soon as the dealer, also known as the Moderator, sees the email, he or she will post it and/or reply.

  5. As a dealer, when I approve and post a comment — what happens next?

    The way the social web works is that other people will see the posting and join in the conversation. This will send more traffic to your website and grow a community of fans and buyers for you.

  6. Is Latique.com an e-commerce site?

    No. Think of Latique.com as a storefront. It is where you can talk to the most knowledgeable person in the shop. Clearly, you can share the experience with your friends, if you want. When you are ready to buy, do this direct with the dealer.

  7. Why don’t I have a shopping cart?

    Buying an important piece for your home or collection is sort of like dating. Once you make your choice, you want to know as much about the product or the collectible and the person selling it as possible. You start online and end by closing your deals in private, thus building the best dealer relationship.

  8. Who pays shipping on big items?

    This is between you and the dealer you are buying from.

  9. Do dealers pay a fee or commission to be on Latique.com?

    Dealers pay a flat annual fee.

  10. I’m accustomed to shopping for expensive items online, do I have to comment?

    No. But if you decide to comment, you will be helping to grow a community of like-minded people who might be able to benefit from your experiences. The reverse is true too.

  11. Who administrates the photos and descriptions in dealer’s listings?

    The Latique.com dealer community is responsible for posting photos and writing descriptions. They can upload several views of each item. If you require more photos, please comment or email the dealer to post or send more.

  12. If I have a problem with a Latique.com purchase, what should I do?

    If you have continued issues with a dealer, please let us know. We will do what we can to mediate. If the dealer fails to live up to Latique.com’s high standards, we will take action.

  13. I am a dealer — how do I become a Latique.com seller?

    Visit our Dealer Registration page and inquire for more information. Or, you can call us at 214-683-6855 for details.

Tips for Dealers/FAQs for Latique Sellers

  1. Why doesn’t my business card show on the home page?

    You must post a logo in your profile settings if you want to be seen on the home page.

  2. Why don’t my antiques show up on the home page?

    You must post a photo of each antique you list to have it show up on the home page.

  3. How should I write my descriptions?

    Everyone’s style is individual. Writing for the Internet is different than writing a hang tag or a catalog description. On the web, people want information fast. They ask questions later.

  4. How can I make the most of the “mouse over” on the home page.

    The “mouse over” function on home page photos lets you flag buyers with a 60-character headline. Best bet, describe your item in language people will understand. You have the details page to cite period, condition, price.

  5. How should I choose my tag words?

    The tags you select will show up in the Search. Try to use a variety of descriptive words that you think lay people might use. If you’re not sure, check Google Keywords to find the most popular for your item.

  6. How should I choose the images I want to post?

    We suggest posting a variety of different product images. If you post 10 armoires, for example, then the home page will show 10 armoires in a row. Variety is the spice of life in this case.

  7. Suppose I don’t know how to photoshop my images?

    The image your buyers see should reflect the item honestly and accurately. There are no bad images, just tiny images.

  8. How many images of each product can I post?

    We suggest you post enough to give buyers a clear idea of the product. Word of caution: don’t overdo. It’s better to have people request information.

  9. What or who is a moderator?

    Moderator is a web word. It means you. You are the moderator of comments made by users that come to your email inbox. You have an automatic option of approving, posting, replying or rejecting comments.

  10. What if I receive an unflattering comment?

    For the most part, comments are positive. The paradigm of the Internet is that some comments may not be positive. Big retailers have been dealing with for some time now. Best wisdom is to post all comments. The good far outweigh the bad.

  11. Suppose I see an item that is misrepresented on Latique?

    Contact us. We want to maintain high standards of authenticity and want to know about anything that is not quite right.

  12. Why should I post an avatar on my user profile?

    Your avatar (AKA, your picture) gives browsers someone to identify with. You become more than a dealer name.

  13. What if my postings don’t save?

    When you create your profile, fill in the tabbed pages in the series. For example, User Profile, Dealer Profile, Profile Images, Address Info, and then click Save.

  14. Why can’t I post a date in Admin Settings?

    A hidden date is already embedded. You just click Save.

  15. How much time should I spend on Latique?

    In the beginning, we suggest you take the time to check out the competition and learn how the site works. When you are comfortable with it, you’ll be able to cruise through in a short period of time.

  16. How do I make my descriptions easy to scan?

    Scanning is a great way to get people to see your entire description. Break up paragraphs by hitting the return key once at the end of your thought or description. (If you hit return twice, you will get too many spaces between paragraphs.) Another good technique is to use bullets or numbers to make your point. Both will auto indent for a good, clean look. You can do this easily with the editing toolbar at the top of the description box.