Latique Founders: Justin Garrett, Julie VanDolen Garrett, Jeff Garrett.

About Us

Unlike many start-ups, the founders of are insiders – highly respected members of the antiques and art world. The senior member of the team is Jeff Garrett, President of Legacy Antiques and Decorative Arts in Dallas, Texas.

As a teenager in 1968, Jeff began working summers for his future father-in-law at his antique store in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After two years of college at Middle Tennessee State University, Jeff moved to Dallas, Texas in 1972, and began his career in the antique business along with wife, Vicki, under his father-in-law's tutelage.

Jeff co-owned and co-managed Clements Antiques and Clements Auction Gallery in Forney, Texas from 1974 to 1994. In 1997, Jeff and Vicki founded Legacy Antiques in the Dallas Design District. Jeff manages day-to-day operations of Legacy including European purchases, marketing, client relations, Internet development and in-store and online sales.

When son Justin and daughter Julie Garrett VanDolen joined the Legacy team, they were kids. At first, they polished furniture, packed glass, and ran auction sheets from the auction block to the office. Growing up in the business had its benefits. By the time they were teenagers, they were learning their way around the European salesrooms and could read between the lines of the best auction catalogs.

Like most people, they made the occasional mistake and found that the only way to truly spot a fine, undervalued piece is to know what a bad piece or reproduction looks like.

When Justin and Julie began buying for themselves, they saw the value of integrating comfortable old pieces into their own hectic lifestyles and Justin's growing family.

Coming of age in the heyday of eBay, Justin and Julie have responded to the power of the Internet with Latique. This multi-shop site networks lovers of traditional home décor with the world's most reputable antiques and decorative art sellers. It is, in its own way, as daring as Jeff's vision to set up shop in Dallas early-on and bank on the future.

It is their mission to populate Latique with a network of quality sellers you can trust and rely on. When you "go Latiquing," as Jeff, Justin and Julie like to say, jettisoning the tired old saw "antiquing", you can be assured of networking and buying from the best.